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We Warmly Welcome Our Realtor Partners!


Enzo Perfetto is a licensed Real Estate Agent member in good standing with LGAAR and fully understands the time and effort that Real Estate Professionals invest in every one of their clients. Because of that, Enzoco is proud to be one of the few Home Builders whom pay a full sales commission on the house as well as the land.

Why work harder for less when you can sell an Enzoco Home and get paid what you deserve.


Any agents who sells a home for Enzoco will get a full 2.5% (two and a half percent) sales commission paid upfront once the contract is signed, loan is fiiled and all deposits are paid. Yes, that is correct, sell an Enzoco home and get paid in full before construction even starts.


Your time as a Real Estate professional is too valuable to deal with any builder who does not honor and appreciate your time and effort. Download our commission form, fill it out and fax it to us. We will sign it and send it back.


After that, you are guaranteed your commission!


Download the Enzoco Homes Realtor Commission Form (PDF).

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